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Capturing Multiple Occlusal Relationships for the Maxilla and the Mandible with the Medit i500

capturing multiple bites medit iscan software

There are multiple ways one can capture the bite for a patient. In this clinical case, we focus on the easiest way to capture two bites (one in maximum intercuspation and the other in an opened vertical dimension and in protrusive for a sleep apnea oral appliance).

The Medit iScan software allows you to capture two bites. Most people treat them as “Left Bite” and “Right Bite”, but the software doesn’t care if you follow this guideline. You can capture full arch bites in maximum intercuspation in one catalog box and then capture a full arch bite in the open / protrusive position in the second bite.

The next step is to clone or duplicate the case, where you set the first desired bite and process the case manually in maximum intercuspation and then in the second cloned case, you manually set the bite to the different occlusal scheme. As our users advance in their experience and knowledge level, they clone the same case multiple times so that they don’t have to re-image the upper and lower jaws multiple times and just capture different bites in all the different case files.

Our super advanced users image multiple bites in any folder they want, process it, and use that digital model to related the jaws together to any position they want in a CAD software like exocad.