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First Molar Crown Margins by Medit i500 and exocad

This is a first molar crown that was replaced with an in-office milled eMax restoration.  The adjacent second molar had recurrent decay under the existing class 2 restoration.  That was removed and replaced and pre-existing crown was also removed.

The preparation was refined and the recurrent decay was removed. Once hemostasis was achieved and the tissue was retracted the area was scanned with the medit i500.  The crown was designed to full contour and milled chairside.  After it was chrystalized, it was bonded into place with Nx3 resin cement.  The excess was removed and an immediate post-op bitewing was taken to verify that no excess cement was left behind.


This video shows the design of a crown after the impression was taken where vivid colors of the retraction cord, the sulcus, the preparation, and the details of the adjacent tooth can be visualized.

[videopress 25yUA1tp permalink=”false” hd=”true”]

Immediate Post-Op

Download the case files in OBJ Format