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Four Unit Anterior eMax Bridge with Medit i500, exocad, and Z4 Milling Machine

The following case is a 4 unit splinted bridge where the upper central incisors where root canal treated. The laterals remained vital after trauma to the upper maxilla fracture a pre-existing bridge. In this single appointment procedure, the case was set up by imaging the pre-existing temporaries, the opposing and the bite.

After the preparation were made, the tissue was retracted and hemostasis was achieved. The preps were imaged in HD mode with the Medit i500 intra-oral scanner. The restorations were designed in exocad and the final prosthesis was milled with the Z4 VHF Milling Machine. A size 40 block was used to mill the splinted units of eMax.

The fixed bridge was seated with NX3 resin cement and the excess was removed. Cord, packed in the sulcus, allowed for easy identification of the margins in the design step and aided in cement clean up. The patient will return for post op photos once the tissue has healed. The following video depict the steps the milling machine goes through as it carves out the four unit bridge, starting with the 2.4 mm drill, then the 1 mm drill, and the 0.6 diameter drill. Milling time was under 40 minutes