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Gauging the Accuracy of the Vertical Dimension Across Full Arch Impression

digital impressions capture open bite using own mouth as articulator

One of the biggest challenges of capturing a bite for an occlusal appliance is to properly tripod the upper arch to the lower arch. With PVS impressions we just send the impressions along with the patient’s bite registration in maximum intercuspation.

A unique advantage we have with digital impressions is that we can capture someone with an open bite while using their own mouth as the articulator. Moreover, with the following technique, you can rest assured you have little adjustments to make to the occlusal guard after it has been fabricated.


Now as we continue to image in the same catalog box, we can gauge if we are on track as the bite model turns green. Notice how when we move from the upper arch to the lower arch, across an open bite, and we maintain a green active box and green model formation, we can rest assured that our case is mounted correctly.