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Medit Version 1.1.1. build 23

Medit Link v1.1.1

  • Fixed crashing problem which has occurred when clicking ‘Save’ or ‘Scan’ button multiple times in Work Box.

Medit iScan v1.1.1.1

  • Enhanced scanning algorithm was applied to allow acquisition of more data with less scan images, leading to reduction in overall scan time.
  • Enhanced Occlusion alignment algorithm now provides more precise result of occlusion alignment.
  • Scanning depth has extended by 30%, making it easier to scan objects from various angles.
  • The software will automatically set the best option of Nvidia Graphics Card for using Medit iScan.
  • Provides smoother rendering performance even for those with UHD(4k) resolution display.
  • Changed default sound effect during scanning.
  • Non-adjusting auto brightness issue for HD Camera was fixed.
  • Issue of abnormal display of scan data after performing specific commands was fixed.
  • Issue of software crash occurring when “Swap Maxilla And Mandible” function was fixed.