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Molar Copy Case with eMax, Medit i500, and Z4 VHF Milling Machine

This a case that was done in a single appointment, where the second molar was restored with a class 2 composite restoration and the first molar was replaced using the copy mode in exocad. An initial scan was taken copying capturing the outline form of the pre-existing restoration, the crown was then removed, the tissue was retracted and the preparation was modified

After the decay was removed the Medit i500 was used to capture the prep and the restoration was designed in our CAD software. The eMax restoration was milled and crystallized and then delivered with NX3 resin cement

This restoration was milled in the regular mode without using the 060 drill. This speeds up milling but does not provide for detailed anatomy, which you can accentuate with a handpiece. It is your decision to select fine mode, regular, or fast mode.

Immediate post-op bitewing X-ray was taken to verify fit and to remove any excess resin that may have been left behind