HDX WILL ECO-X CBCT Machine 16×9 FOV Call for Price


Dentri ECO-X

CBCT expands the Field of View (FOV) 16 x 9 cm.

Extended allows for an expanded view of facial structures, sinus, TMJ, and dentition with the quality images Dentri ECO-X provides.


 3D Imaging

MAX 16×9 cm FOV, perfect for capturing dentition, sinus, or TMJ

 PANO with Autofocus

2D panoramic feature with Autofocus for minimized distortion


Extraoral bitewing images for better patient comfort

Cephalometric X-ray (optional)

Optional cephalometric arm attachment, excellent diagnostic images for orthodontic practice

Model Scan Option

Model CBCT Scan for STL extraction


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Superior Image Quality

Striking contrast and sharpness of images produced by HDX WILL’s image reconstruction technology

Minimized Metal Artifacts

PrecisionMAR (Metal Artifacts Reduction) allows for greater diagnostic accuracy by significantly reducing metal artifact

Low Dose Radiation

CBCT radiation exposure lower than standard panoramic scan* – w/AEC & Ultra low dose mode

Wide FOV ( Max 16 x 9 cm)

Wide FOV gives the flexibility to capture the dentition, TMJ, or sinus

Auto Cephalometric Landmark Tracing*

Spend more time with your patients, and less time landmark tracing with WillCeph’s Auto tracing feature *Available with Willceph software purchase

Superior Image Quality

HDX WILL’s state of the art imaging reconstruction algorithm finds the best value of each voxel and enhances image contrast and sharpness.

Superior Image Quality


PrecisionMAR™ offers unprecedented clarity around metal, improving diagnostics and planning.

  • Minimal scatter
  • Reduced shading artifact
  • Clearly define bone and teeth structures around metal

Low Dose Radiation

An additionally equipped filter & Adaptive Exposure Control(AEC) technology significantly reduces radiation exposure.
HDX WILL’s imaging reconstruction still allows superior image quality.


CBCT scan with only HALF the dose of PANO scan *16×9 cm FOV with Ultra Low Dose & AEC ON


CBCT FOV (Field of View) Size

Wide 16×9 cm FOV allows for the entire dentition, TMJ, Nose, Ear or Pediatric dental arch to be captured in one scan.
Various options are available from 3x3cm to 16x9cm FOV

16x9 cm Dental Arch mode

16×9 cm
Dental Arch mode

16x9 cm Nose / Ear Mode

16×9 cm
Nose / Ear Mode

10x8 cm Child Mode

10×8 cm
Child Mode

Dedicated 2D Panoramic X-ray

Auto Focus

Auto Focus

Minimized distortion, Maximized ability to obtain clear images



Extraoral Bitewing options



TMJ diagnostic x-ray

Low Dose Mode

Low Dose Mode

Rapid scan time, Minimized dosage to patient

Auto Focus

Auto-Focus OFF
Auto-Focus ON




Cephalometric X-ray (Optional)

Various cephalometric x-ray options with auto landmark tracing feature*
*Auto Tracing – Available with Willceph software purchase




Eco-X Flyer(Letter size)

Additional information

Machine Options

1. Dentri Classic – $75000.00 2. Dentri Extended – $85000.00 3. Dentri Classic with Scan Ceph – $87000.00 4. Dentri Extended with scan ceph – $97000.00 5. Dentri Classic with One Shot ceph – $95000.00 6. Dentri Exgtended with One Shot Ceph – $105000.00


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