SOL by Ackuretta 3D Printer with Concierge 2 Year Warranty


Package Contains: SOL Printer, 2 resin Vats, 2 LCD Platforms

The perfect same-day chairside solution for digital dentistry. SOL sets the bar for high-speed and high-precision 3D printing. Achieve three times the speed of a regular LCD printer and maximize accuracy thanks to its 95+% LED light uniformity. The dynamic LED auto-selects curing areas to enhance accuracy and extend component life.

100+ Prevalidated Materials

Create unique 3D prints using premium resins developed by all the industry-leading manufacturers. Have the world of quality same day dentistry at your feet with SOL.

Speed & Accuracy Combined

Don’t compromise. SOL reaches a printing speed of up to 4.5 cm/hr and delivers accurate dental applications the same day. Print up to 8 arches within 60 minutes.

Industry-Leading 2-Year Warranty

SOL is built to last – Ackuretta stands by its promise of high quality manufacturing and offers you an unprecedented, 2-year global warranty.

Minimal Learning Curve

Digital dentistry has never been more accessible than with our plug & play 3D printing solutions. Go from unboxing to printing within 30 minutes.

Calibrated For Extra Curing Consistency

We strive for outstanding innovation. With SOL’s unique 54 LEDs panel and dynamic optical light engine only the printing area is cured, prolonging the lifespan of the LCD screen tenfold and ensuring ultra-accurate prints. SOL minimizes the need for user maintenance and maximizes the potential for excellent results with every print.

Super Smooth Surface Finish

SOL is a top-notch 3D printer that helps dental professionals to ensure consistency and quality in every print. 3D print naturally feeling, smooth and perfectly fitted dental applications thanks to its 49 μm XY resolution.

Monochrome LCD Print Screen

SOL’s monochrome LCD screen let’s you print faster than ever before. Increased UV light transmission combined with the dynamic light engine guarantee ultra-accurate results and a LCD screen that withstands even the most challenging dental workflows.

Add the complete ACKURETTA Bundle with SOL, CURIE, CLEANI, AND TRAINING and receive a $445 package discount

Ackuretta CURIE Professional Curing Unit/UV Light Box

Compact & Efficient

Engineered to offer sufficient curing chamber space while maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic that matches every dental clinic and lab


Preloaded optimal curing times database available at the turn of a dial and touch of a button

Smartest UV Oven

Smart UV-light management system.

Plug & Cure

Plug & Cure For all you all day

Improved Versatility

365/385/405 nm mix-matrix LED's for improved rigidity and suitability for Class II bio-materials.

360° UV Light Distribution

UV-LED's strategically positioned to provide a consistent curing for enhanced durability

Suitable For Bio-Materials

Ideal for dental professionals with bio-compatibility concenrns, CURIE cares for your Dental Applications safety so you can focus on your patients.

Finishing Process In A Few Minutes

Perfect Chamber Space

For Dental Clinics and Labs with rigorous workflows

Convenient SD Card Reader

Keep your material settings up to date with post-curing times and temperatures

Heat Management System

Ensure perfect curing and long-lasting product life


What's In The Box?


  • - 1x CURIE Unit
  • - 1x Glass plate
  • - 1x Power Cord
  • - 1x SD Card
  • - 1x SD Card Reader
  • - Quick Start Guide

Ackuretta CLEANI Professional Wash/Dry Unit

CLEANI is designed with dual tanks for a two-stage cleaning process that allows for heavy and fine washes. Engineered to endure the most demanding dental workflows, CLEANI helps you to increase efficiency and save time thanks to its gentle vibrations that minimize your 3D print damage or breakage.

+ Save 50% alcohol consumption in the cleaning process
+ Clean 90% Resin Residue with less time and effort
+ A seamless move from printer to the washer
+ Clean both the build platform and prints in one move
+ Dual tanks for an optimal 2-stage cleaning solution


Right side view of CLEANI, a Dual Tank Washer for 3D Printing Cleaning Process

Showing alcohol inside CLEANI and its gentle vibrations

Ackuretta Professional Remote Onboarding Training



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Weight 20 lbs


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