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The Flexibility of Meditlink

The Medit I500 is powered by a software called Meditlink. Within the program, you have workboxes where you can scan, design, nest, and mill a restoration, when you utilize the software as a laboratory, instead of a clinic. The feature is not available when you log in as a dentist, but all you have to do is register as a lab, and you have access to all these features.

You can can manage a case all within the meditlink software in a
seamless workflow. More importantly, you can utilize whatever CAD
software you want, nest and mill with your CAM software of choice, or
just export the case to someone else to collaborate with

In this video, you can see how you can launch the scanner and capture the data, then you can choose to utilize exocad, 3shape, Maestro design software. You can even export the data to another platform or launch your CAD of choice. Here, we utilize the CAD-Ray software which is a private label program powered by exocad.