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Adding Materials to Millbox Milling Options

For our coritec users: new users often mislabel restorations in the Rx form that leads to a lot of trouble. like calling a crown and onlay or vice versa. this can lead to all kinds of trouble

first sign of trouble is if the two purple lines don’t define the borders of the the restoration. sometimes it is missing, other times it is off the restoration. so always double check this step and usually the missed nomenclature is what causes the trouble.

the next problem people have is that the default setting for the sprue design is poor. it makes the sprue thicker at the mandrel than the restoration. this creates a crevice that the drill can’t get to. this leads to quick drill breakage as it tries to drill into that space (red circle). it is easy to set change these settings so the drill “flows” with the design of the sprue and you get a lot of use out of it. it’s annoying to do this manually so a subsequent video shows you how to change this by default.

another problem is the offset. the last video shows the distance from the restoration to the mandrel as 2mm. the drill is 2.5 in diameter. if you set it at 2, the calculation doesn’t allow enough space for the drill that also breaks it off. set it at 2.7 or 3 and it will last you a long time.

two subsequent videos will show you how to create your own blocks and change their orientation, so you can fit a taller design into a smaller size block

sprue setting
rotating a block in millbox to fit a restoration
adding zircad to millbox menu