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CAD-Ray Design Software powered by exocad

There are so many incredible and robust features to exocad and it is precisely why there are over 35,000 users around the world. There are many distributors to the software, including us, at

We focus mostly on our clients who are generally dentists, and our main goal is to streamline your workflow and make this easy and not intimidating. During our two day hands-on course for new medit i500 owners, we install the software and design four cases in exocad.

Here are some of the top highlights for you to understand. The software is installed and self contained within a folder that you can place anywhere on a computer’s directory. What’s great about this is that your software operates completely independent of the windows operating system. So whenever there is an automatic windoes update, it does not mess with your configurations or settings and you don’t have to deal with firewalls and other technical terms we don’t even comprehend.

Another benefit to this is that you can place this folder on the cloud like dropbox and then you can go to ANY machine- at home, in another operatory, at another office and launch the program there, instead of carrying a laptop around. Since the data can only be accessed by a real license / dongle, there are no concerns about HIPAA violations as it is encrypted and only accessible by the active license.  Moreover, one machine can be running Windows 7 and another could be runnng Windows 10, and you wouldn’t know the difference or have to worry about configurations

Also, multiple doctors in multiple locations could be working off the same program on the cloud, as long as they have an active dongle. This really allows for a lot of flexibility in a practice or a group setting.

You can see the basic elements in the folder, which are broken down into a case data storage folder, the CADApp and the DentalDB folders. We’ll explain what these other two folders do below.

As a distributor, we can custom make our own private label version of exocad. Since we are focused on chairside dentistry, or on dentists, generally, we strip the software down to the essentials. Namely, we’ve programmed it for inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers. We also include bridges that can fit in 40mm blocks. You can choose to add on other modules like implant planning, implant designs, dentures, etc.. if you choose to.
It is important for you to understand that we provide a fully functional version of this software, and if you want to add more features as your confidence grows, all you have to do is swap out these files called WorkParamsDB.xml

Watch the video that shows you how we have multiple versions of the file. We provide you with many versions of this file that you always have access to and they are all configured differently. In seconds, you can change the look and the feel of the software to your liking, and turn on multiple modules that we hide from the version that we provide. Please note that we only provide support and tutorials for the what we call the Dentist Version of exocad, as opposed to the lab version. If you grow to the point where you want to add the other components, it is very to transition, just recognize that we don’t support the heavy duty version. We certainly can refer you to the right people to learn how to use those extended functions.

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One more thing for you to get excited about is the WorkParamConfigTool.exe
Now, if you are scared of the mouse and can’t press the “Any Key” button on keyboard, stop reading any further.


In this file, you can add, edit, remove material profiles, parameters and configurations to your delight. Let’s just leave it at that for now

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