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Control Over The Finest Detail With exocad And The 0.6 mm Drill of the CORiTEC One

control over restoration fit of first molar with cad-ray exocad and imes icore milling

This case shows the amount of control one can have over the fit of a restoration. The upper right first molar was imaged with the Medit i500 and then imported into exocad design software. Once the margins are marked, the user can then define parameters that affect the fit of the restoration.

The diameter of the drill can be taken into consideration; in the design, 1.0 mm was chosen, but ultimately, we used the 0.6 mm bur to mill the intaglio of the emax restoration. The cement gap can be controlled as can the distance from the margin where it takes effect. The minimum thickness parameter also reinforces the material at the margins which will reduce the chances of chipping and ditching at deep chamfer margins. All of this translates into well fitting restorations with little space needed for the resin. That ultimately translates to easier clean up.

The case was milled using a few different materials and at varying speeds to see how thin the margins could be handled and how much detail the 0.6 mm burr can carve into emax and the glass ceramic material