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Digital Tissue Contouring in CAD-Ray Software Powered by exocad

design a screw retained crown

In this video we demonstrate how to capture implant impressions of scan bodies intra-orally with the medit i500 scanner and then design a screw retained crown with our customized CAD-Ray software.

The sequence of steps for a new user are critical. Although it doesn’t matter if you image the opposing arch first or after the arch that is being restored, the steps to capturing the scanbody must be followed in chronological order. You must capture the arch and then the scanbody impression. You should not return to the arch catalog box and add any more data. This can introduce a lot of error in the processing steps

In this video you can appreciate the distinct advantage you have tissue training on a digital model. You can contour to the soft tissue very easily. It is best to do so after you have identified the scanbody, which will pinpoint the location of the fixture. Once you have that in the equation, you can sculpt your tissue to your liking, making sure your abutment margins never drop apically below the head of the fixture