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An Introductory Lesson on Accurately Relating Digital Dental Models to Each Other

digital dental design

If you are new to digital dentistry, this introductory video will show you how to judge if digital models are related to each other. As a simple exercise, we opened one digital model and then imported the exact same model as a pre-op scan into the equation.

Once the models are in the design software, they are manually related to each other with at least 3 common points. After the merge, we performed “best fit matching” and then demonstrate how the color histogram in exocad has the both models painted completely blue.

We then slightly altered one model by adding material to one cusp tip, reduce the adjacent cusp tip, and then smoothing the third cusp tip. We then re-aligned both models to each other again and you can see how the software lets you know the range of discrepancy in those areas. Notice that all three areas have the same histogram color but all three have distinct meshwork areas from the original.

Once you understand this concept, it opens up many avenues for you that you can never achieve with traditional impressions.