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Local HD Scanning with Medit i500 Version 2.0

A new feature coming soon to Medit I500 is localized High Definition Scanning. There are two modes you can scan and save the models in; Normal and High Definition. In previous versions, either the whole arch model was process in regular or HD mode. Although of little clinical significance, if any, the visual properties provided by the High Definition mode resonate with all clinicians.

The processing times for HD mode was 4-5 times longer than regular mode. Now, you an just scan local areas in High Definition, greatly reducing processing time and provided you sharp details of the preparation.

In this video you can see clinically how the upper arch was imaged in regular mode. The whole lower arch was then imaged while expasyl was applied as a hemostatic agent. Once bleeding stopped, the area was irrigated and dried. In the software, the molar area was trimmed away and the local HD feature was turned on. The topography of the preparation was captured in the new Local HD mode.

As a clinician, you will appreciate the depth of the margin and the quality of the scan when designing the restoration in exocad

[videopress jxz9c27l]

Here, you can see the design process in our software powered by exocad.