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How Deep is Your Scan?

A cool new feature in the upcoming Medit i500 is the opportunity to capture deep areas that are out of the camera’s focal length (-1.5 to 17mm). This usually happens in complex implant cases, or in this case where the anterior four teeth were traumatized.

With very little tooth structure remaining, a custom post and core was required to restored the dentition with a very guarded prognosis. After root canal therapy, the chamber was accessed and a conventional impression was taken.

Separate from this, a clinical digital impression was taken of the temporaries, the opposing and the buccal bite. The margins of the preps were protected and the chamber was deleted / cropped. As you can see, there are hollow areas in the depth of the chambers where the topography was outside the focal length. Scanning the impression as a negative gives easy access to the depths of the chamber, allowing you to form a model that is well outside the imagine range of the neighboring teeth.

The software allows you to image intra-orally and then allows you to fill in the voids by imaging the impression instead.