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Premolar Crown Replacement with Medit i500 and CORiTEC ONE

In this case presentation, we utilize the medit i500 to image the pre-existing crown and to fabricate a restoration that is a replica of the pre-existing condition. The patient was advised that the recurrent decay was in close proximity to the canal space and that endodontic treatment may be a possibility. The CBCT showed no evidence of any peri-apical radiolucency and the premolar tested vital prior to treatment

CT used to evaluate apex of premolar for crown replacement

Case set up involved imaging the pre-existing condition in the pre-op catalog box.  Excess information was cropped to reduce file size.  The data was then copied to the maxillary arch catalog box and the area to prepared was edited out in preparation for final optical impressions.

crown removal, prep refinement, and tissue displacement for imaging

optical impression of preparation

Immediate Post Op
The remaining decay and previous build up material was removed just prior to bonding the restoration with NX3 dual cure resin cement so the dentin was exposed for the least amount of time possible.