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Premolar Onlay Captured in High Resolution Mode

This article demonstrate how a case be set up while the patient is being anesthetized. While waiting for it to take effect, your team can scan the opposing arch, the arch to be prepared, and even the buccal bite. You can see how that is set up in first video. Notice how we crop out the tooth to be prepared so that the software doesn’t get confused between the preop and prep stages.

[videopress ZvGLVAM6 permalink=”false” hd=”true”]

Once the tooth is prepared, the premolar is imaged back into the arch form in high resolution mode. This mode comes in handy for picking up the enamel that is exposed at the cavosurface margins. Some intra-oral imaging systems struggle with picking up the detail in these situations.


You can see how clearly discernible the margins are in this preview. Feel free to download the case data at the end of the article. Please note that areas that are not critical for the restoration design were essentially ignore as they play no significant role in the desired outcome.


Download STL
Download OBJ
Download PLY