Checking Occlusion with Digital and Clinical Landmarks for a Clear Aligner Case

Here’s a clear aligner case where the upper and lower arches were scanned and the buccal bite was taken with the Medit i500 IOS system. Prior to the digital impressions, occlusal markings were made with articualting paper so we can verify the accuracy of the digital bite

In the video, which is sped up, the upper and lower models were corrected when parts of the tongue or cheek were inadvertently incorporated into the models. There are some cool features in the software that allow you to protect areas that you previously captured corrected and areas where you can fill in with new information.

After the models were articulated and the occlusion was verified, the case was exported to BlueSkyBio software for orthodontic planning. You can download the date and design along.


[videopress MThrcIup permalink=”false” hd=”true” loop=”true” autoplay=”true”]

Download OBJ
Download STL
Download PLY
Download BlueSkyBio Ortho Plan

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