Full Arch Scan and Clear Orthodontic Retainer for Minor Tooth Movement

This is a case that demonstrates how a full arch scan is taken with the Medit i500. We generally recommend that you establish a good “purchase point” where you can always come back to if you get “lost during scanning”. It is very easy to start with the second premolar / first molar area by scanning the occlusal area. Migrate towards the last molar and then image both the buccal and lingual of the last molar.

These landmarks will help you get re-oriented if the patient moves or you need to stop for whatever reason. You will notice how fast the camera scans once it has these solid landmarks to recognize, and you can see it image from the palatal of the second molar from one side of the arch to the next.

After the upper arch is imaged, scans of the lower arch are taken, and then the buccal bite is captured. You will notice areas where some data is missing on both arches. It is really easy to go back in the process and fill in those areas. You can see that at the tail end of the video.

[videopress bxvYxT4P permalink=”false” hd=”true” autoplay=”true”] [videopress UKayOtot permalink=”false” hd=”true” autoplay=”true”]

Once the case is captured, you can export the file and take it to third party software like BlueSkyBio Ortho Plan and start your clear retainer designs.

Download the BSB file to design along
Download the OBJ
Download the STL

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