Occlusal Guard with Digital Impressions by Medit i500

This is a case imaged for an occlusal guard, wehre the upper arch took only 43 seconds to capture. Afterwads, the lower arch is captured, and then ultimately we move to the dual buccal bite. To get enough clearance, we just have the patient bite down on two cotton rolls and hold that position.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you move from one image catalog to another, some processing is done. What we recommend you do is to actually go back to your upper and lower models and fill in any missing data or correct any artifact you may have captured inadvertently. You can see in the footage how the second molars are corrected and filled in with good information.

Note how


[videopress 4p1iee56 permalink=”false” hd=”true”] [videopress KJRm7CnH permalink=”false” hd=”true”]


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