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Lower Left First Molar Crown with Medit / exocad / VHF Z 4

The following case is a lower first molar with the distobuccal cusp fractured and recurrent decay underneath the pre-existing composite restoration, warranting full cuspal coverage. The case was managed with the CAD-Ray workflow, where the medit software is launched and all the imaging is done in that platform.

Directly from meditlink, exocad software is launched and the margins are placed. Once the restoration designed, it nested in the block and sent off to the milling machine. The total time from final design to end of mill was about 18 minutes, and the last 4 or so minutes, the milling machine refined the sprue size and location. One can easily stop the milling process and remove the sprue manually.

Once the restoration was assessed for fit and proper contours, it was chrystalized and then bonded in with Kerr NX3 material. A final post op bitewing was taken to assess if any excess cement was left behind.