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Premolar Anatomic Copy Case with Medit i500, exocad, and imes icore eMax Milled Restoration

medit i500 manage crown replacement on second upper molar

In this article, we demonstrate how to manage a crown replacement on a second upper premolar with the Medit i500, exocad, and the imes icore CORiTEC ONE milling machine.  The pre-existing crown was over 2 decades old and the recession revealed a supra-gingival margin.  Furthermore, there was no room to improve the anatomy or its outline form as it was in occlusion with the opposing dentition.

A powerful design technique is the copy of the pre-existing crown. Images of the pre-op are taken while the patient is numb and its contours are copied onto the final design of the restoration.  This process usually takes a minute or so, after which we milled a size 12 emax block restoration.

imaging sequence of a second premolar wit medit i500