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Premolar Crown with Medit i500, Meditlink, exocad, Amber Mill Block, Coritec One by Imes Icore, and Millbox CAM Software

In this clinical case a patient lost a pre-existing crown. The remaining tooth structure had recurrent decay and a new crown was warranted.
After anesthesia was administered, the clearance from opposing dentition was assessed. The preparation was reduced to accommodate the necessary thickness of the material.
Once adequate clearance was achieved an Optragate was placed and an isolite was used to isolate the area. The preparation was scanned and then the lower arch was captured. The buccal bite was then taken to along the arches together

case set up for a simple premolar

With Meditlink software, you have the option of designing the case yourself or sending it off to your partnered lab. The following video shows what happens to your case once the lab downloads the case

In this particular case, we designed our own crown and milled it with the coritec one milling machine

premolar design in cad software

Once the amber lithium disilicate material was milled, its for was verified clinically. The crown was then crystallized and seated with NX3 resin cement

fit of amber lithium disilicate