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Workflow From Medit to exocad to VHF Z4 Mill

The Meditlink software allows you to log in as a clinician or a laboratory. There are quite a few benefits to logging in as a lab, one of them is to have control over the whole process from imaging to design to fabrication

Here, we demonstrate how the case is set up in the job definition. We have linked the exocad CS CADapp as the design software of choice. You have many other options including manually exporting the models.

Once you define the job, you can directly launch the Medit scanner and start imaging. Once you are finished with imaging, you can start marking margins and complete the design of the restoration in the CAD software.

Once designed completely, you have a number of ways to submit it tofabrication. One big advantage here is how you can start milling as soon the calculations start, with the VHF Z4 milling machine. As opposed to milling machines that must have the calculation completed before they start milling, which oftentimes puts the procedure outside the realm of single visit dentistry