Sprintray Pro95s Dental 3D Printer


Designed for the needs of your practice

World Class Engineering

DLP Refined

Upgraded optics feature an all-glass construction that improves uniformity across the build platform. 100% balanced light output from this upgraded projector means your prints will fit even better. The beating heart of SprintRay Pro S, we’ve pushed DLP optical technology to new heights to bring you the absolute best in dental 3D printing.

All Glass Optics


Advanced Resin Tank

Advanced tracking using near-field technology allows Pro S to track the lifetime of each resin tank automatically. It’s just one of the ways SprintRay is taking the guesswork out of the 3D printing process, helping you maximize each dollar invested in your digital workflow.

RFID Lifetime Tracking

Upgraded Chassis

An upgraded structure underpins Pro S, enabling improvements to Z-axis accuracy. Software-controlled adhesion protocol allows customization of curing layers for individual resins with even tighter tolerances. The new chassis connects directly to the tank cradle, eliminating issues caused by sprung tension and offering perfect layers for every print.

Improved Print Quality


Smarter dental 3D printing

Easy to Learn.
Easy to Use.

Technology should make your workflow easier, and SprintRay does just that. We’ve leveraged RFID technology, smart sensors, and an intelligent onboard interface to make it easy to learn, teach, and use our products every day.

It’s all part of our design and product philosophy – removing barriers to technology and improving the interaction between the human and the machine.


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Smart Print Platform

The unassuming Pro S build plate contains multitudes. Embedded inside the machined block of aluminum is our first-ever platform heater, keeping the machine warmed up for maximum build plate adhesion relative to the tank. This heat improved print results and reduces forces on the tank, prolonging its lifetime. Plus, a build-in magnet means it integrates out-of-the-box with Pro Wash/Dry.

Dual Heating


The Friendly Workflow

SprintRay Pro S features a completely reworked onboard intelligence, designed around delivering the right information at the right time. Leveraging the new network of sensors embedded in Pro S, it tracks everything from tank life to reminding you to clean your build plate between jobs. With PrintOS, it’s easy to learn, implement, and teach 3D printing in your office.

Smart Sensing


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