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Tired of Nuclear or Atomic Mushroom Bomb Cloud Shaped Abutment Crowns?

using exocad to design restorations

A very common source of frustration for most dentists or those who are new to designing implant crowns is the emergence profile of the abutment or crown.  Most of the time, the shape of the tissue dictates the digital design and this article showcases how we used the medit i500 for the intra-oral scan of the patient and then used exocad to design the restorations.  Our advanced users can appreciate how we bring the arch model in twice- once as the maxillary model and once as the gingiva model.  We then digital sculpt the tissue to create the proper profile yet we still have the original model to reflect back to asses the changes.

Download to ImplantCrownShaping.ZIP to design along

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